Restorative Dentistry


A tooth can need restorative work for a variety of reasons. If a tooth gets a cavity, has a piece break off, or develops a crack, it may need some restorative dentistry done to repair it. When this happens, and the tooth needs repaired, there are several ways it can be done. Fillings are the most common restorative procedure, but there are also crowns, bridges and veneers. And here at One Mile Smile, we can take care of any restorative need you may have!


Most small cavities and chipped teeth can be repaired with a filling. The vast majority of fillings are done with tooth colored resin. This ensures your tooth will be both strong and beautiful after the work is done.


Crowns (or caps) are placed over teeth to protect them and provide them with extra strength to keep them from breaking. If a tooth has restorative need to large for a filling to handle, or if there is reason to believe a tooth is cracking, a crown can save the day! These days, the majority of crowns blend in very well with the surrounding teeth and aren't distinguishable. They can also be made to give you that bright white smile everybody loves. For those patients who prefer the metal caps, gold crowns can still be done and will last for a very long time. 


A bridge is another way of replacing a missing tooth. It is done by crowning the tooth on each side of the space and connecting them together with a tooth in the middle. They can help restore beauty and function back to the mouth.


Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or resin that cover the visible sides of the teeth to enhance the appearance of a crooked, broken, stained, or otherwise distorted tooth. They are a wonderful way to make your smile the best it can be.