Oral Surgery and Extractions

There are many reasons teeth may need to be extracted.  They may have broken. They may have gotten a large cavity. They may have lost a bone around them due to periodontal disease. They may not have room to erupt (this is the case with many wisdom teeth). Whatever the reason, Dr. Seyer and your friends at One Mile Smile can help. We have helped many people who have needed this service. It is one of Dr. Seyer’s favorite things because people come in pain and leave with the cause of that pain gone. In fact, Dr. Seyer has gone on mission trips to Haiti, Africa, and several locations in the United States with the specific purpose to extract infected teeth for those who are in need.  He has taken out thousands of problematic teeth and will continue to do so as long as there is a need.

Nitrous Sedation

Getting an extraction can be a very stressful experience. At One Mile Smile, we try and make you as comfortable as possible. We offer pleased to offer nitrous sedation to relax our patients. This “laughing gas” will usually not put you to sleep, but will make you much more relaxed. At One Mile Smile, we will literally hold your hand through the entire process to make sure this uncomfortable experience is much more pleasant.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are always an interesting subject. Do all people need their wisdom teeth extracted? No. Do most people? Yes. The modern person just doesn’t usually have enough room in their mouths for wisdom teeth to erupt properly. When these teeth can’t fully get into the dental arch, they can cause problems for all the other teeth in that arch, including cavities and periodontal pocketing.  At One Mile Smile, we evaluate each person on an individual basis to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth need to come out.