Many people around the world have teeth they are simply not happy with. Some don’t like the look of their teeth. Some people have teeth that hurt.  Then there are those who, despite their best efforts, have never been able to keep their teeth in a healthy state. Here at One Mile Smile, we always encourage our patients to keep and maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible. There is no good substitute for natural healthy teeth. However, if we reach the point where our God-given teeth have run their course and it is time to talk about replacing them with dentures, we are here to help! Dentures can be a very affordable and very rewarding experience. Dr. Seyer absolutely loves the feeling of giving his patients their smile back.  

What are the benefits of dentures?

  • Beautiful smile – We can give you the Hollywood smile with perfectly straight and brilliantly white teeth, or we can custom make your dentures to mimic the smile of your youth with all its beautiful imperfections
  • Ability to eat again – If you’ve been struggling chewing foods because of the state your teeth are in, dentures will help. By replacing broken or infected teeth with dentures, your function is restored.
  • No chance of a toothache or dental infection – Obviously, if your teeth are gone, they cannot ache!
  • Can be secured to the mouth with dental implants – Sometimes dentures can be difficult to keep in place, but with implants, they can be tightly secured against the gums and feel even more natural than ever!

Don’t suffer with teeth you are unhappy with or teeth that hurt you. If you’ve reached the point where you just want to smile again, but your teeth are holding you back, let us see what we can do for you!